Henry Hansen
Henry Hansen was born in Portland, Oregon in
1906 to Norwegian immigrants.

His mother Margarette passed away when he
was two. His father Hans Peter Hansen, a
cabinetmaker,  moved the family to a farm in
Happy Valley California in 1911. Upon is
father's death in 1923, Henry was on his own to
survive the Great Depression.

He worked many jobs during that period; an
accountant for the S&P Railroad, telegraph
operator, flotation plant worker at a mine in
Shasta County, Fuller Brush salesman, and
hospital orderly.

While traveling back to Portland in the spring of
1930, he took an alternate route through
Sublimity and found a short-term job hoeing
strawberries. He remained in the area,
eventually marrying the farmer's daughter, Lois
Graen in 1933.

He and his wife started a farm with the help of
Frank Frazer, from whom they acquired much
of their land. Henry and Lois prospered over
the years with a combination of hard work, luck,
and good choices in the crops they grew. Over
the years their farm raised oats, sheep, goats,
strawberries, grass seed, Christmas trees, and
timber. Lois passed away in 1972. Henry
married Edna Tucker in 1974, and they
continued to live and work on the farm.

Henry was acive with many farming groups,
including the Oregon Small Woodlands
Association, the Grange, and the Highland
Bentgrass Association.

He was honored as a Diamond Pioneer for
Career Achievement in 1995 by the OSU
College of Agricultural Sciences, awarded the
1966 Conservation Farmer of the
Year by the Silver Creek Soil and Water
Conservation District,  voted
Tree Farmer of the Year for Western Oregon in
1973 and Marion County in 1969.
Henry L. Hansen
April 15th, 1906 - July 4th, 2002
Eulogy for Henry Hansen
Henry & the first dozer
Minding the deer, 1995
With parents & sister
Henry & Lois
With daughter Mertie