Henry Hansen

Silver Falls, Oregon
Logs in Small Quantities
Small quantities of logs are available for
individual sale throughout the year.

Our Douglas fir logs tend toward modern
peeler size, also good for timberframe
beams or log homes. A few large trees
come down in storms every year, so let us
know if you have a need for something

Grand fir, red alder, bigleaf maple, and
Oregon ash logs usually stay on-site for
sawing, and are available for sale unless
reserved for a job. Our maples are
surrounded by fir and forced to go
straight-up, yielding long logs with nice

Occasionally we have pacific dogwood
and Oregon white oak  available. The
dogwood logs tends to be smaller, but it is
great wood for carving or making mallets.

Our hardwood logs are all end-coated as
cut to prevent splitting and checking.

We can arrange delivery or load your
vehicle. Current stock is listed
Bigleaf Maple logs