Henry Hansen

Silver Falls, Oregon
Our lumber is primarily a by-product of timber work on the farm.
Leftover logs that don't make a load and storm damaged trees
are usually sawn on-site for lumber. Softwood mostly goes to
dimensional rough-sawn lumber, and hardwood to kiln or
air-dried lumber. We also watch for highly-figured hardwoods

Air-dried softwood lumber is  typically in stock, however we do
not try to compete with big box stores on 2x4 prices. We will do
sawing for beams or other special projects, either from
our own timber or your logs.

Hardwood logs are end-coated as cut; some species are
processed immediately to prevent damage, others can age a bit
without damage. Most sawn hardwood goes to the kiln to be
dried, then is stored in a heated environment to prevent

The species we normally saw and have in stock include: Doug
Fir, Bigleaf Maple, Red Alder, and Oregon Ash. Other species
available at times include: Grand Fir, Hemlock, White Oak, Port
Orford Cedar, Bitter Cherry, and Pacific Dogwood.

Current hardwood lumber stock listing can be found